Sunday, February 5, 2017

Weekly blog post for jan 30 - feb 3

Was a very interesting week with the show opening.
It was good to finally see a piece actually hanging and in action.
The opening of the show was a lot of fun as well as the speakers before.

This is the model of one of our ideas for our plant

Monday, January 23, 2017

DIY photometer

So I did the research on the diy photometer and this is what I came up with. 

To make one you need to :
  1. Cut a leafy shoot for a plant and plunge its base into water. This allows the xylem from taking up any air. Wetting the leaves themselves will alter the rate of transpiration.
  2. Immerse the whole of the potometer into the sink. Move it about until all the air bubbles come out.
  3. Recut the shoot's stem underwater. Put it into the bung; grease the bung with plenty of petroleum jelly (Vaseline) if it doesn't stay and then put the bung into the potometer.
  4. Make sure the tap is closed, then lift the whole assembly out of the water.
  5. Leave the end of the capillary tube out of the water until an air bubble forms then put the end into a beaker of water.
I also read that it is recommended to make your own photometer then store bought because it gives a better reading, the materials are often times better, and it comes out to be cheaper as well. 

Heres a video that shows how to use an at home photometer

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Weekly Post

Well now that the week is coming to an end heres a little summary of this week..
Tuesday we had a lecture from our science friends which was really helpful. It make me start thinking about other ways to start construct our bag. We also worked with ironing plastic and learning how to attach our tubes.

Thursday we came up with a schedule and talked about the grant that we are trying to receive for our class. My part was to research DIY photometers and I learned that its best to make your own rather then store buying because the materials are better, they give a better reading and then often come out cheaper then store bought ones. In class on thursday too we starting bagging our plants. Since a group member of mine wasn't present we just watched other team members and thought of ways of how we wanted to bag our plant (we finally named her Sophie). We took Sophie home with us and got together on saturday morning to bag her and get her back to the greenhouse with all of her other plant friends. 

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Grant Notes

We need to credit Dr.Fox with botany
We are researching the feasibility of build art and architecture that could facilitate the collection water from transpiration of plants
You will be building there prototypes using fabrication laboratory at the art department
We need drawings (one or two)
We need as estimate that the materials will run at least 200 per team and that you will self fund any overages.
Finished sculptures will be in the pop up show

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

in class notes

Movement of water through a place
Xylem vascular tissue which vary the water and dissolve the minerals
Cohesion molecular attraction by which the particles of a body are united throughout the mass
Adhesion molecular attraction exerted between the surface


at same time to open door

Monday, January 16, 2017

The Two Cultures

            From the readings it really made me put into perspective what science is to each and every single person. One person can think of science as one thing and the person sitting 3 feet away from you can think of science as something totally different. Although the readings were about science it really made me start to think about my favorite subject and major, which is graphic design. It takes a lot to design something and every piece that someone makes is different. A topic could be given to a group of 20 students and every single final piece would be completely different. In the first reading it say “There is only one way out of all of this: it is, of course, by rethinking our education.” But why rethink an education? An education is an education and the only reason to rethink about it is it you’re not learning anything or if you’re not enjoying it. Another way that I think we are “rethinking our education” is because were expanding our educations of much. Many years ago we would never be able to go out and take hundreds of photos for a class and look back on them right away because were using digital camera now, we never would be able to take the head of one person and put it into another persons body and make it look perfect like we can now using Photoshop and we didn’t have the great source of internet like we do now.
            Snow also said in his reading that asking a question to one person is like asking a scientist about Shakespeare and an artist about science. The answer you would be looking for just wouldn’t make sense. The person being asked the question doesn’t know as much about the topic as if it were the other way around. Last semester in my advanced ideas and concepts class we invited people from all over campus to join in on our crits and the feedback we got from them was so different and so helpful then getting it from our other art major classmates that did the exact same project as us. We get such different responses when it’s our own field but if we could a group of people in a room we all do have some of the same things going on. We all go to school, and were all on campus. Its just a matter on if we want to further our horizon and step into other peoples zones or just stay over in building 82 which seems so far away from everything else.
            These two readings were a great read and I really enjoyed them. They opened by eyes to see things in many different way and way that I never thought about before. Science is being used all around us and its up to us to allow it to help us move into the future.